Goldie [2]

Marina Magalhães


Arborea [02]

                                                                                         Kauli Debien
                                                                                   Make: Wendey D’Paula

Andrei Tarkovsky

One of the greatest directors, in my opinion, a great artist, and an amazing photographer. Andrei Tarkovsky’s work is very special, with a higher sense for creating image as a dream. His movies are some kind dialogue with our subconscious. Paintings in motion.

That’s no words to describe his work, we need to feel it. Embrace it; for it seems to be in the geneses of what we understand of humam beings.

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Taurus [RA 04 37] [DEC+27.7] 172 -13 A.L.:460 por Rorschach


                                                                Diga-me, estrela: o que você vê?



fotografia: amanda carvalho

make: wendey d´paula

making /assistência: ellen azevedo



                                                                   He talked about his craft.



                                                              And then, we met him…